ACT -Nationally standardized test taken by college bound students. Normally required by universities located in Ohio and across the Midwest. Students should take the writing portion at least one time. Some college also require the writing portion for admissions. We suggest students begin taking this during their junior year. If a student plans to take a college class their sophomore or junior year, they need to be taking this prior to May 1st of the previous school year. For online registration, test locations, test dates, ect. go to

*All juniors (Class of 2022) will take the state mandated ACT on February 23, 2021.

Practice ACT tests can be found on the Ohio Means Jobs website.  Click on the Red Cardinal that says K-12 Students. Go to Plan It; Assessments & Training; ACT and through the ODE website:

ACT practice:

SAT  -Nationally standardized test taken by college bound students. Often required by universities in the South and the East and West coast. For online registration and other information, go to

PSAT -Preliminary test taken by college bound students in October of their junior year of high school. Participation in this test allows their name to be included in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Even students who plan to take only the ACT should take this test for standardized test practice. This test is offered at Pleasant High School to the first 15 students to register.

ASVAB -An aptitude and abilities test given by the U.S. military. This is taken by juniors interested in the military. Scores on this test are important for military bound students. Scores are used to help students with career exploration based on the interest and ability. This test is administered for students online by our local National Guard recruiter. Career tools and test score explanation can be found at Practice tests can also be found on the Ohio Means Jobs website (referenced above for ACT practice tests). If students plan to enter the military and would like to take the ASVAB, they need to contact Mrs. Webb.