Schedule Change Request

Students will have until 2:15pm on Friday, Sept. 4, 2020 to request a schedule change (keep in mind the actual schedule change may not be completed by the deadline, it's only important the student request is complete by that date/time). Not all requests will be granted as we are attempting to keep class sizes to a minimum.

Once the request has been made, Mrs. Webb will tend to those according to chronological order in the spreadsheet. To reduce the number of face to face meetings, schedule changes will be done via email, if possible. Please check your school email frequently for a response to your request. If the change requires discussion, Mrs. Webb will pull students from study hall or an elective class to discuss the request. 

Click the link to submit a schedule change request.
*This link has been removed. It is past the deadline for a schedule change. Students have another opportunity to change schedules during the first five days of 2nd semester in January.