Important Dates & Events

Important Dates & Events
Posted on 05/20/2020

Good Evening Spartan Families,

The purpose of this phone call is to remind you of some important dates and events.  

At the beginning of May we had tentatively rescheduled prom to take place on June 12th knowing that the Governors stay safe order was set to expire at the end of the month.  Yesterday afternoon the Governor announced that gatherings of 10 people or less will remain in place and also stated that events that draw crowds will be the last to be released.  Therefore we feel that at this time we must cancel prom for this year.  We do not want families to make plans or spend money that they might not get back if we canceled at a later time.  Students please respond to the form that Mrs. Stiverson sent out to vote on prom King and Queen.  We also encourage students to take a picture of themselves dressed up for prom if they have already purchased their outfit and email it to Mrs. Jordan who will add it to the yearbook.

May 26th @ 2pm - There will be a Choir Call-Out Zoom meeting for students who want to learn what it's like to be in choir and show choir in high school.  Current choir students will be in the meeting to answer your questions.  Check your school email for a message from our choir director, Mr. Stahl, for a link to the meeting.
May 27th from 1-3pm - Seniors will be able to pick up their cord, pin, cap and gown, time capsule and also turn in all materials, books and borrowed technology.  Seniors with fees will be able to pay them on the 27th from 1-3pm if they haven't already done so.

May 28th from 9-12 and again from 5-6pm - All underclassmen should return all materials, books and borrowed tech.  Freshman with iPads will keep them for the summer.  Any Senior who was unable to pick up their graduation materials the previous day will be able to come from 5-6pm as well.

May 29th - All assignments are due for underclassmen

May 31st - Graduation Day - Seniors please enter the campus off of Smeltzer Rd. and be in place by 1:45pm.